Podcast Guest: TOO OLD FOR THIS SH*T!


Excited to share this podcast interview I had with Angie earlier this year...I’m still blown away by the timing...just before my day job came to an end but after I had already announced studio closure -- Vulnerable. Authentic. Raw. Real. Hoping that you will listen with an open heart & open mind...and help Angie & I share this with as many people as possible.

"Bounce back with Melanie
Adopted, teen mom on drugs and two divorces later and major health issues due to her weight, Melanie bounced back from it all! Stronger, feminine, joyful. Melanie is an uplifting soul to listen to. We also cover why it’s important to not be too good at what doesn’t strengthens you aka day job terrors and the body positivity scam."

Visit her website for more info! And please...check it out on SPOTIFY