Testimonial from Diana: Healing from Breast Cancer through Yoga, Pilates and more!

My journey began with a battle with breast cancer. I spoke with my doctor about whether I could return to exercise following my treatment. He suggested that yoga would be a great place to start.

Feeling a bit self-conscious I decided that hiring a private yoga instructor. To help me with some physical issues would be easier for me than trying yoga classes right away. Best decision I ever made because I hired Melanie.

Melanie was an inspiration from the start and I found that I had a lot in common with her. She is a great listener and teacher. She listened to my story without comment. When I was finished she said if I was willing to work at yoga, pilates, meditation and dance that she could help me regain my strength and my peace of mind. It was a struggle at first. Melanie was very kind and patient and encouraged me to try some of the yoga poses that I really didn’t think I could do but I can now.

Her knowledge of the body and its mechanics is incredible. We meet once a week. During the first few minutes of our session she does a quick assessment of my body movements and plans our session accordingly. Some days I need to burn off energy (pilates and dance). Some days I need quiet mediation and other days I need yoga to stretch out the kinks. I have been working privately with Melanie for approximately 2 years and have now graduated to taking some yoga classes as well.

Thank you Melanie, for being my mentor, my confidante, my sounding board and my friend. You are one special woman and I’m so happy that we have had an opportunity to work out, laugh and play together.

Diana J.

– “Words of Gratitude for this courageous woman! She first sat down in front of me to share her story, her victory and her desire for healing! Together, we have worked out, laughed and played…and I am so thankful that our paths crossed.” – Melanie

Testimonial from Alisha: Defining moment through Yoga….

Thank you so much for inspiring my love of yoga. My very first yoga class was with you and it was truly a defining moment in my life. Since then, I’ve learned more about myself, become more confident both in the studio and out, and found something I can seek refuge in when I need it.

I always look forward to your classes. Your positivity and energy is so motivating and I always leave your classes feeling amazing.

Thank you for teaching me so much and being such an inspiration to your students!


– “I have had the privilege of watching you blossom, and grow stronger with every class. No matter what challenges I put in front of the class you never stop smiling and working hard at the same time! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.” – Melanie

Testimonial from Tricia: Finding the light…through the dark

When I first started with Melanie I was in a very difficult place I my life. Trying various ways to over come that dark place that I had grown a unhealthy attachment to. When it was suggested to me that I see Melanie, I thought it would end like most treatments that I had ventured into; inadequate, leaving me bankrupt and leaving me in the same place I started in, if not worse.

However, after just the one session I learned that it was anything but inadequate. In just one hour I started to see the light through the dark. In a very short period of time, Melanie turned into not just my life coach but also a friend, a sister, a mentor and somewhat of a life savor. Melanie helped me to see the positivity in life; she helped me to realize that through movement, music and meditation that you can find yourself again. Find what it is that you are truly capable of. Through some unconventional ways Melanie helped me to find my meaning, my happy place and most importable how to deal with life’s struggles.

I cannot thank Melanie enough for the wonderful insight, the constant support, encouragement and the endless belief she had in me and what I was truly capable of.
-Tricia C

-“When you first walked through the door, I saw your hesitation and nervousness and my first thought was…if the only thing I can do today is make her laugh once, then I will consider it a success. Each session included laughter from there on and opening up to the possibilities that the light never left you….all your hesitation and nervousness was gone. I am so grateful for your courage to try something out of your comfort zone. Look forward to seeing your evolution!” – Melanie

Testimonial from Michael: Sanctuary

Beautiful human, who has created such a safe sanctuary for people to evolve where ever they are in their journey. Melanie genuinely cares.She is passionate about coaching and igniting others to pursue more out of themselves. She is a friend and a healer to all that reach. Go get ignited Go evolve, and Go sweat a little.


Testimonial from Kyle: From injury to Freedom

I first started seeing Melanie because of an ongoing issue with my neck and shoulder. I’d had shoulder injuries in the past (from playing sports and weightlifting), but this particular issue popped up after I had been in a car accident. After the accident, the pain in my neck and shoulder became worse and worse as time went on, and eventually became so bad that I was having trouble functioning on a day to day basis (I became very unmotivated, depressed, angry all the time, had constant headaches). 

I saw a number of different doctors about this issue and tried physiotherapy twice. The doctors couldn’t find anything structurally wrong with me, and the physiotherapy was effective until I stopped going, at which point the issues would come back as bad as ever. I eventually quit my job because the pain had become so bad. Things were looking quite glim, as I didn’t really see a way where this pain issue was going to get better. 

Going to see Mel, and working with her once a week, has made an absolutely massive difference in not only my shoulder, but in my outlook on life. Her sessions have provided me with a relief from the constant pain I was experiencing, and have renewed my sense of confidence in my own body. Her sessions are fun, engaging, and challenging, all the while working towards the goal of fixing not only your injury, but the impact that injury has had on you in other areas (psychologically, spiritually, etc.) 

I can’t thank Mel enough for the positivity she has interjected back into my life and for her dedication to helping me get better. If you’re thinking about private yoga sessions I would highly, highly, highly recommend!

Kyle N