Once Upon A Time...the Dreams began in May 2013 and....the final edits completed in 2019!

In May of 2013, I started to dream about 1666 London and Scotland....every night, continuously. What made these dreams different than all my others? Every morning I would wake up remembering nearly every single detail, as if I had experienced it myself.  And when I went to sleep the following night, the dream would start back up where it left off the previous morning.

After several weeks of this happening, I began to write them down. At first emailing them to someone close to me. Before I knew it...it was starting to turn into a novel. The vivid details and historic details began to fascinate me, and I started to research more on-line. To my surprise, I found several real historic facts mixed in with my dreams that I have no recollection of ever learning.

Within a month, I flew to Scotland for a whirlwind trip of 3 1/2 days. I explored Eilean Donan Castle, Dunnottar Castle and different parts of the Scottish Highlands that featured prominently in my dreams.

These dreams have now been turned into a historical-fantasy-fiction novel. The birthing of this novel is nearly at hand, and I cannot wait to introduce the world to.....

Lady of Fire!

Place of Dreams, Ancestors and possibilities!

Scotland….West Coast…Eilean Donan Castle…The lands of the MacRae’s & MacKenzie’s….

Although the story, or should I say my dream, does not start in this place, the beginnings are there. I no longer question how the dreams began, or what “science” is behind them. My maternal ancestors have roots on the west coast of Scotland through the Clan MacRae.

A month after the dreams began, I walked through the front gates of Eilean Donan Castle and past the stone walls. I wasn’t sure how I would feel  After all, my ancestors had walked the halls once upon a time. And the characters of my dreams were part of the place. My heart skipped a beat when I walked into this room…not because it was ‘identical” to what I dreamt but because it was how it felt.

Dreams vs Reality!

Having dreamt the story of Moireach for nearly 6 months continuously every night, I had moments where I wondered if I was her or if she was me. Who was the story really about? Was it once upon a time or more?

My dreams moved at such a hurried pace, I couldn’t keep up with the writing. Then of course my own life had to take place and would often result in no writing for weeks.

I finally completed writing the story in 2016…nearly 3 years after it began. The final edits, through the amazing services of Janna Hockenjos, completed in June 2019.

This is the year I introduce the world to the story of Moireach Siofre MacRae…Lady of Fire.