This space is for the ones for the ones who are passionate--about something, anything; or need a little reminder on how to feel it or learn how to tune into it. But it’s especially, for the ones who believe in alchemy; where every moment has the possibility to be the catalyst for transformation. Where healing isn't linear, but a constant weaving and reclaiming of all the parts of your authentic self.

I was born a story-teller, so I write because I believe in the magic of words. I create to leave this world a more beautiful place than when I arrived. I move so that my body feels good because I want to feel good. And I do all of these because I, like you, am navigating this thing called life and I’ve decided I want to thrive, not merely survive. And I want to evolve, not just revolve; through the all the ups and downs, arounds, and inside outs.

So, here is where I share it, all of it, with the hopes and intentions that it might offer you some wisdom and some wit to navigate through your life experiences.