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I strive to thrive, not merely survive 

Before you read on, a quick note about the author of this space (that would be me).

To call myself multi-faceted might just be an understatement. Over the years, I’ve learned to reconcile my practical, but slightly obsessive organised planner who has colour-coded checklists for her checklists, with my mystical,  creative wild child side who loves the moon. It’s been one helluva rough journey, with many doors of opportunity and possibilities. And yet, through the struggles + successes, here I am. 

So, now I look to self-inquiry to reclaim my worthiness and use self-care to celebrate my wholeness. And with some wisdom and some wit, I share what I have learned in the hopes to make a difference. One optimystic step at a time.

And like you, I am navigating this thing called life in this beautiful but bizarre world of ours. Perhaps we can wander through some doors of possibilities, together?

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Now, because this website is born of my own magic, with some help from an equally magical web developer, the words you read are expressed with my own tone. Sometimes that means expletives, because —hey—that’s authentic to me and the way I speak. Consider yourself advised.