I'm so happy you're here. Arriving on this page means you're just a tiny bit curious about me. Well, let's get started. Call me a hopeful romantic, but I have this belief that every person is worthy of love, capable of great things and living a life of their own choosing. I believe that we are born into this world whole, our natural state of being, but society as a whole (pun intended, and also knowns as bullish*t) tries to convince us otherwise.

I aspire to keep my heart open for love to keep weaving its magic in my life. I’m an avid book worm who loves to move, an opinionated mental health advocate, a recently liberated sensualist who took years to give herself permission for that. I’ve had to rise again, and again, through struggle and loss. Life has shown me that joy can live side-by-side with depression, and that striving and struggling can sometimes feel the same.

Anything useful I have to share arises from healing my own woundedness which is always a work-in-progress. So, what you’ll find on this website are words from my cheeky, and often smart-ass soul, offering guidance, wisdom and wit to help you with your own journey of healing, evolution, and reclamation.


  • Story-Telling (author of Lady of Fire: The Immortal Elements, and Fairytales Unleashed, the forthcoming Lady of Water, and Everlasting)
  • Movement Coaching (offering a variety of online classes using Pilates, Yoga and Functional Mobility work, and hopefully in person soon)
  • Wandering around Scotland since July 2020, and empowering my own journey of healing and reclamation

My bookends of professional pride are as follows: I worked my way up through the corporate world while being a young single mom, and managed my own Yoga Studio while juggling all the rest. That was exhausting but oh so rewarding. And now, you will find me writing every day, sharing my love of movement, learning to reclaim what is important to me and showing others how to do it.

My journey guiding others to discover the possibilities in their own lives and businesses through personal rediscovery, movement medicine, life-guidance, written words and motivational speaking has been my mission since 2010. I’ve suffered from a lack of self worth and I’ve overcome serious health management issues.

In my personal journey of loss, opportunity and rediscovery I have learned that movement shifts stagnant energy, and by rewriting negative narratives we can create an enormous amount of momentum to move into a meaningful life.

Through a vast set of certifications in fitness, management, coaching, entrepreneurial development and corporate projects I empower others tap into what lights them up and equip them with the tools to guide them on their journey.


In no particular order:

Music (it has saved me more than once), My Son, Books, Alchemy, Crystals, Yoga, Body Positivity, Tarot, the Ocean, Tattoos, Vintage Pin-ups, Wandering, History, the Mountains, Scotland, Chocolate, Matcha lattes, Laughter, Moon Magic, Dancing, Hiking, Green Smoothies, Family and sharing it all through being a motivational speaker & presenter on occasion