I'm so happy you're here. Arriving on this page means you're just a tiny bit curious about me.

First up, I'm obsessed with everyday Alchemy - that beautiful process of transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. Hell, sometimes all it takes is for us to shift our perspective because that is another one of my beliefs - there is Inspiration and Magic to be found. Everywhere. Especially in each of us.

As an optimystic, I am equal parts creative wild child who loves the moon and obsessively organized planner who loves problem solving. When something captures my soul's attention, I'm all in. I don't do anything half-assed. Sometimes it pays off, and occasionally it doesn't. Those are the moments that teach me the most. About the world + myself.

An avid bookworm who loves to move her body, a devoted mental health advocate (first & foremost to my own), a recently liberated sensualist who took years to give herself permission for that. A nomad soul living in a body that craves sanctuary. Spent most of my adult life trying to do all the right things + rebel all at the same time which has made for a wonderfully unconventional life. Oh, and speaking of life...it has shown me that joy can live side-by-side with depression, and that striving and struggling can sometimes feel the same.

Highlights from my well-thumbed professional & personal life are as follows: I worked my way up through the corporate world while being a young single mom + taking part-time courses to further my professional development. Sometime in 2010 I rediscovered movement on a yoga mat. Little did I know that moment would be the catalyst of so much more. What I have learned while on the job has been more valuable than the pieces of paper I earned from college. In fact, it is what helped give me the confidence to start my own business.  Introduce my own Yoga Studio while still juggling all the rest. That was exhausting but oh so rewarding.


What exactly constitutes credentials these days?

If you ask me, it is a beautifully blended combination education, certifications, professional work experiences and especially life experience. That is why I've never stopped seeking out more opportunities to evolve, to expand my own horizons and ultimately, use the knowledge and wisdom gained in each moment to offer guidance to others. From tangible credentials to my own life experiences, I am a multi-faceted and versatile womxn and this list only scratches some of the surface.


E-RYT200 Senior Experienced Yoga Teacher (over 4000 teaching hours) | Steel Mace Flow Coach with Honours (Level 1) | AcroYoga Teacher | Durability & Foundations Coach, Onnit Academy | Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist | Mat Pilates Instructor


ICF Accredited Life Coach | Multiple Coaching programs (Mindfulness, Entrepreneur, Business, Transformation, Spiritual + more) | Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching | Leadership Certifications

Over two decades of professional work experience in the corporate world.

And my fav....over a decade of the soulpreneur life!

I believe that we are born into this world whole, our natural state of being, but society as a whole (pun intended) tries to convince us otherwise. Anything useful I have to share arises from healing my own woundedness which is always a work-in-progress. And everything I share is simply an invitation to you (+ myself) to reclaim your wholeness and remember that everything is a work-in-progress.

If the recent years of my life had names 2019 would have been Unravelling, 2020 was WTF Am I Doing, 2021 was Transition. We have just said farewell to 2022, and what I thought would be a year of Transformation became the year I found Home.

Living the unconventional, often scary AF life I never thought I could, or would. And darlin', I'm still figuring sh*t out along the way.

Thanks for being here.

xoxo, Melanie

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