Balanced Body Contest – Who moves you?

Balanced Body Contest!

Facebook can be both a great information tool or a time-sucker, if you let it!  Once in awhile, you come across something good, I mean really good. And then I became aware of an amazing contest! Balanced Body was advertising to celebrate their 40th Anniversary.

It’s called “Who moves You? And clients were invited to nominate their Pilates Teacher whose experiences with them changed your life. The contest offered something for everyone.  The person nominated can win a prize, the teacher and the studio at which they teach.

I love the opportunity to share positivity! I’ve invited all my friends to find the time to appreciate their Pilates Teacher. No matter who they are or where they teach.

With appreciation & gratitude, I discovered that my name appeared multiple times on their list of nominees

The finalist selection begins October 14th! Sending all the good vibes to every nominee on that list! We are creating an atmosphere of trust, compassion and connection with their clients who were inspired to take the time to nominate them!

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