Becoming part of an Empire!

Rewind nearly 2 months ago, when life found me wandering my local Chapters/Indigo bookstore browsing for something new. Meandering down aisles, I suddenly tripped over a book that someone had left on the ground. Looking down, the title immediately caught my attention – “The Firestarter Sessions” by Danielle Laporte. So, I picked it up & read a few paragraphs. I was hooked, and brought it home and read first 5 chapters that night! I was hooked, and loved everything I could find out about her! Inspiration goddess!!!

She announced the launch of a new program, EMPIRE – ” is the business coach, creative strategist, and support tribe that every soulful business owner and entrepreneur needs in their corner.”. I decided to take a leap of faith and try it for a month. Once registered, there was the opportunity to submit a 90 second video to apply for one of the micro-grants that EMPIRE was offering. My video was submitted just before the deadline, right around the last October New Moon – which I’ve used for intention setting practices for over a year now.

To my amazement & gratitude, my video was selected as the winner of a $1000!!!

The universe was listening after all…..

I was able to purchase the projector of our dreams! Just in time for our Open House event this past Saturday, November 12, 2016 to help me present the workshops I had planned! Beyond thrilled, completely humbled and incredibly grateful!

There will be many more gatherings in the future and soon to be announced Conscious Movie nights (once I figure out how to get the sound hooked up LOL)

Core Desired Feelings
Dear Future, I can't wait to collide?
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