Once upon a time, a young child fell in love with the magic of words

It all began with a father's...spoken at bedtime, telling stories about adventures, pirates, and heroes who on occasion wore skirts. Waiting for the time that a brother was to be born, a mother read from the pages of books, while the child sat snugly by her side in the hospital bed. It was there, that the child learned to read the words on their own. So, the once upon a times became theirs to tell.

That child is me. And maybe, it's you too.

* * *


The Immortal Elements: Book I

The year is 1666, and for nearly twenty years, Lady Moireach MacRae has been living a sheltered life of privilege and luxury among the aristocratic society of London’s finest. But when her father demands she marry a man more than twice her age, she defies convention and rebels. She ventures into London’s lowly taverns to escape, to dance, and to feel free, and on that fateful night, a chance encounter with a stranger awakens something inside of her that will change her life forever.

Fairytale Unleashed

Little Red & The Wolf

Every great story told begins with once upon a time, and so does hers. Meet Little Red, the girl who wandered off the path only for her story to weave its way to you. Every story has a villain they say, only who decides who is good and who is bad. Meet The Wolf, who awakens the possibilities of a girl whose name has been lost.

Let me offer another telling of the tale for in these pages lies a different truth. Illustrated. Written by a girl who used to run wild in the forests of her youth.


Legacy of Blood & Hope

My debut YA Novel

It's 2012, the year the world might end, according to a vague Mayan calendar. It's also the year that Sady Smith turns 18 and is just trying to finish her last year of high school, preferably drama-free. And alive.

The legacy of her blood has always come with a price...and the devil himself is coming to collect.

Coming sometime in 2024!

The Muse is a fickle + sometimes strange creature...since arriving in Scotland it seems that every time I go for a walk, explore a new neighborhood, see a new sight....a new story idea presents itself. Here is a glimpse into some of them which may or may not be shared with the world this year.


The long awaited sequel to Lady of Fire. Inroducing you to Dylynn, born sometime in the 8th century and raised to be a warrior. Unlike Moireach, she has always known who she was and where her powers came from. This story will see them meet for the first time, while giving you a glimpse into the 800 years that Dylynn has wandered the earth with her own companions and protectors.


A collection for Healing, Empowerment, and Reclamation. Words to soothe the heartache. Poems to fuel the resilience. Prose to empower your own reclamation. To be the catalyst to help you transform the heartache into healing and happiness; the struggle into success and soul-full; and offer a space for sanctuary to guide your return to resilience and radiance. A work in progress to be shared with the world...one day! And in the meantime, some of you you already know how much music is part of my world, here is the beginnings of a special playlist just for H.E.R. -----> 


So many stories waiting to be retold with a new voice. Goldilocks & The Three Bears is among them.


A short story written while in highschool has reawakened - bringing ancient greek legends into the world not too disimiliar from the post-apocalyptic world we were introduced to in the epic Mad Max movies.