Something wicked this way comes...

“Please just let me finish my final year of high school, preferably drama free. And alive?”

Gazing up, a young Sady Smith sends her plea up to the sky. Moving to yet another town, her family has done what it has always done. Start over. Every damn year. This year should be no different. Only it is.

A lifetime of carefully crafted lies begins to unravel when she is blindsided by her attraction to the charming Greyson Black, her new history teacher of all people. And getting flustered is the least of her problems. Something is changing. At an alarming rate. It’s her.

The legacy of her blood has always come with a price.

In a world where creatures from myths and legends are real, living secretly amongst us, Sady’s parents included, all hell is about to break loose. Her emerging powers threaten the safety of everyone she has come to care about, and her parents don’t have all the answers. It’s up to her to confront the demons of her bloodline and choose her own legacy.

As if dealing with a supernatural identity crisis wasn’t enough, a mysterious stranger disguised as the Goddess Artemis shows up, and awakens something Sady thought only existed in fairytales. Ah hell, like being a teenager wasn’t complicated enough already?

Coming 2023!

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