Introducing Lady of Fire, the first novel in The Immortal Elements series

The year is 1666. For nearly twenty years, Lady Moireach MacRae has been living a sheltered life of privilege and luxury among London's aristocratic society. But when her father demands she marry a man more than twice her age, she defies convention and rebels.

She ventures into London’s lowly taverns to escape, to dance, and to feel free. That fateful night, a chance encounter with a stranger awakens something inside of her that will change her life forever. Unable to ignore her growing powers and her feelings for the handsome stranger, Moireach begins to question everything she has been taught about the world. And herself.

She soon discovers her late mother’s secrets and the legion of fallen angels that have been hunting her since birth. She is forced to flee to her ancestral home in Scotland. Accompanied by the two brothers of the Clan MacKenzie who have sworn an oath to protect her. Their journey is filled with danger and wonder, and as her mystical powers manifest, Moireach must choose to embrace them or become a pawn in a battle that was waged eons before she was born. Can she trust the one who has declared his love for her? Can she trust herself? With the enemy at her gates and the lives of everyone she cares about in peril, she must choose. Between the life she has always known…and the life that she has the power to create.

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