I’m certifiable….wait! I mean…certified!

Certified Prana Flow 200 hour Teacher Training - COMPLETE!

My experience in Greece last year was life-transforming! I am so grateful! To have been be able to continue my studies with such an inspiring, authentic & light-sharing being such as Shiva Rea!

The follow up from my trip - the homework, the reading, the written exam, the videos were such a deep dive into the self, and definitely stirred up some emotions for me but in the end. It was all worth it!

Continuing to evolve is a permanent part of my life. To rediscover myself is not "changing myself"! It's simply being open to the possibilities that there is more. Yoga has healed my body, nourished my heart and freed my mind. And continues to do so every day!

To be part of a global tribe of Prana Flow Teachers is truly incredible, and I am still astounded that I am part of their circle!

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