Authentic Conversations on Facing Adversity

Emily & I chatted in JULY 2019!!!

Last year I had the pleasure of chatting with @onwardpodcast_onwardmovement and even though so much of my life has changed…much of what I say here still rings true. The podcast was only just released now, so when I think about where my life is now….I had already arrived in Scotland when this episode was broadcasted, and yet the interview took place when I had made the leap of faith to Pittsburgh!


Talk about being authentic! I love this episode with Melanie Frome! Melanie says we don’t need to change. The word change implies that something is wrong with us. Instead, we can give ourselves permission to evolve.

Melanie shares how we can rediscover who we are; who we were born to be. Also, we can do this on our own terms, without society or family telling us who we are.

Melanie speaks from experience. She spent the first half of her life trying to live the life society and family expected of her. She climbed the corporate ladder as a young single mom but lacked fulfillment. Also, she suffered from lack of self worth and hit rock bottom with her health and weight in 2010.

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