Core Desired Feelings

My Core Desired Feelings!

For many years, I was very goal oriented, task driven… and the queen of colour-coded check lists.

Through Yoga, meditation, and self-reflection that attitude has slowly shifted. But it was not until recently that I came across a book that would “ignite” yet another personal evolution…THE DESIRE MAP! by Danielle Laporte

Choosing how I want to feel is such an empowering way to move through life. I am often drawn to moments of clarity where those feelings shine brightly!

Rewind to summer of 2015, in Santorini Greece…..This moment, near Skaros Rock, captures every feeling…

Abundant – surrounded by the beautiful Caldera ocean, in a country filled with wonderful people, with a group of thriving Yogi’s on the same path as I. And oh yeah, the abundant sunshine which loves to turn my skin all shades of pink & red!

Genuine – climbing onto this little rock, without any preamble to play around in a bunch of poses while my roommate Lana took photos. Walking in the hot sun, no make-up, no fancy hair do….just me. Sharing my love of Yoga.

Magical – the history of this island is nothing but magical, how I felt the entire 3 weeks of studying Prana Vinyasa ® with Shiva Rea. And how I woke up to the most amazing sunrise every day and witnessed the glorious sunsets at night.

Soulful – Taking a mini-sabbatical from work, my every day life & duties, to really free myself to study, learn, explore and reflect.

Vibrant – The food, the hours of Yoga every day, walking, sharing experiences, stories and laughter! My body felt Vibrant, my soul felt Vibrant. No prompting or seeking needed…it just….was!

I’ve been inspired to make decisions in my life with those very feelings in mind. To step forward to creating a life I love. The next few months will be challenging, rewarding and oh so aligned with my truth – soul and body!

Are you ready for a revolution? For an Evolution Revolution? Message me to find out how you too can create a transformation!

Farewell to 2016 with Gratitude!
Becoming part of an Empire!
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