Dear Future, I can’t wait to collide?


For those that know me, you will have a little chuckle.  The irony of the word “collide”…given my predilection for clumsiness. But I’m willing to take the bruises, because it means I’m moving forwards and exploring possibilities.

Some days the bruises (doubt, fear, worry, insecurities and outside factors) are noticeable.  Today was a day where colliding hurt. Took time for self-study, and reflection. I remembered how I want to show up in this world. There is no space in my life or in my heart for resentment or regret.

Integrity, Abundance, Gratitude & Authenticity is where I stand in this life, and I will choose my actions & decisions from this place.

So, in the spirit of whimsical word play….

Come & collide with me!  Uhm, wait I mean move with me on the mats this week, starting tomorrow at 6am for Awake & Ignite Prana Yoga….

Finding such inspiration recently that are acting as powerful reminders of ….who I am!

Becoming part of an Empire!
Reconnection with my past & my future
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