Embrace & Ignite Yoga for Women

Embrace & Ignite Yoga for Women

Maybe it's because I never had a sister growing up. Or maybe it's because I lived in 4 countries before I turned 13. And maybe it's because a loving & tenderhearted woman gave me up for adoption in order to gift me a life she was not able to offer at such a young age. And thereby allowing another loving & tenderhearted woman to call me daughter.

In 2005, I stood in my parents hallway & watched my two mothers meet for the first time!  On one side stood my birth mother. The woman who brought me into this world and chose courageously to let her daughter call another woman "Mother". The other side stood my mother. The woman who accepted me as if I were her own. Raising me to know that she did not bring me into this world but that another woman "carried me in her tummy". They cried, they laughed, they hugged. And then the miracle happened. They both said "thank you for loving my daughter".

They did not look at each other as competition for my heart or my love. And they did not try to judge each other or criticize each others choices. From that moment my life made more sense.

I have now been given an opportunity. To share my belief that women have an amazing ability to love, to nurture, to encourage and uplift each other. Choosing to live my life from a place of light, hope and positivity. It means that when it comes to "competition" or "backstabbing" or mindless "gossiping" I simply do not participate.

Taking a step further in the direction of creating this tribe of sisterhood, I have crafted a 'signature" class called Embrace & Ignite Yoga for Women.

Tonight 6 beautiful women were willing to embrace & ignite themselves now...right now...in this breath...in this moment. Ready to rise, to stand their ground, to step forward on their path of evolution....and support each other along the way without any thought of competition!

There is no competition, no 'stealing', no 'copying', and there is no need to feel threatened. Be your own person & live your life, pursue your dreams without fear of someone else pulling it out from underneath you!

There is enough in this world, enough for you to be you! Embracing who you are with every breath, without apology. There is only ONE you, and the world needs all of YOU!

I'm certifiable....wait! I mean...certified!
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