Failure, Silence and Karma

#Truthbomb Failure traced to Silence….Things just got real!

So, this link showed up in my feed today. And holy moons, was it a real #truthbomb for me today….

I agree, I compromise all in the interest of “harmony” and “cooperation”….time goes by. And all of a sudden, there is nothing left. The other party has “taken” all I have to give, bite by bite it seems. Then just walked away without replenishing what was given.

And then, I am supposed to smile and nod, graciously of course, and say that “it’s ok”. Because after all, I’m supposed to be a yogi, a hippy and ‘free spirit’, right? That I wish them well on their journey and harbour no ill feelings? And I understand why they have done what they have done and be “ok” with it? That I’m totally fine with being taken for granted, for working my ass off for a “common purpose” only to be dropped along the way?

When really all I want to do is yell, scream and punch someone. Preferably them. And there would be lots of cursing involved in German, English, Russian, Vietnamese and Spanish! When I want to make the other party realize exactly what has happened….and maybe give Karma an extra hand….maybe…

The truth is…I am also to blame for the outcomes of these situations. Choosing silence, to excessive tolerance, to quiet complacency and a willingness to accept what was offered me. Even when I knew and still know that my value, my worth and my “being” is worth so much more than what was offered.

The sad part is in those moments, when I finally stood up instead of being silent, when I walked away or when I spoke my truth….all of a sudden, I’m irrational or “overreacting”.

The last 12 months have shown me so much, lessons abound, and I’m blessed to have friends and family who truly know me, understand me, and do not “take” from me…and yet, here I sit…so angry that tears run down my face.

2017 will NOT be a year of excessive tolerance.  Instead, a year of abundant, thriving, magical and soulful connections. I will embrace my voice, my truth and my vision. To give myself permission to allow this vision to evolve….expand….

(check out the link below for Danielle’s words on failure and silence)

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