Full Moon Reflections! Magical!

Bringing a dream to life!

In 2016, my life seemed to have been fulfilling my wildest dreams…literally in some cases.

First, I found myself sharing a life with a man whom I had dreamt about before ever meeting him, who ignited so much fire & magic in my life that I offer him a lifetime of gratitude! Through his energy & willingness to take risks, I found myself eager to take action towards dreams I had been pushing aside out of fear & comfort. Leaping full forwards ahead with my former personal trainer & a friend, we shared a vision of offering sanctuary & strength!

This meant leaving a space I had called home & saviour for the last 6 years, 5 Elements Yoga & Pilates. I had found my salvation there, through Yoga and Pilates, and it evolved my journey to become a teacher of both.

August 1, 2016 we opened the doors to Ignite Evolution Fitness, and my life has transformed into one of glorious joy & a more than full schedule that often leaves me wondering how I’ve found the time! Through this transformation came evolution that saw more changes in the background, as my business partners & I learned how we would function together in the same space.

Finally, just before Christmas 2016, I found myself single once again. The man who I had dreamt about, and had been building a life together with had his own dreams and it was time he moved on his journey without me.

All of this has meant that my novel, my dreams of a past life filled with magical & supernatural possibilities, has been put on hold…but never forgotten. It is now time to rededicate time to this most magical of endeavours of mine…to complete Lady of Fire…the first of 5 novels I plan to complete in my lifetime!

Failure, Silence and Karma
Farewell to 2016 with Gratitude!
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