Giving birth…22 years ago

Giving birth, exactly 22 years ago I was in Salvation Grace Army Hospital in Windsor Ontario. My baby was due July 15th but decided to would make an early appearance. I was without my family or friends. My water had broken at 4am & I had only met the doctor once.

For nearly 12 hours I was in labor, and I will spare the details. What I will tell you is that so many fears and doubts crossed my mind during those hours. What kind of mother I would be? And what kind of mother/family my child deserved...

When I was wheeled into the delivery room to push, I was terrified. But at the same time I was ready to welcome my baby.

I had a name all picked out--Alexandria!

Then at 6:58pm, with only a nurse and the doctor in the room, I heard the first cries. The doctor put the baby in my arms and said: "Congratulations on your healthy baby boy!"

My first response was "It's a what?"

You see, 3 weeks prior I was told I was having a girl....

Having a child so young gave me every opportunity to fail. To fall into society's assumption (teen mom on welfare, have more kids, no job, no school etc) but I found strength in that tiny little boy in my arms.

Every time life has felt overwhelming, it was always my son--Nathanial, who gave me strength, encouragement and hope.

Today is his birthday, today and every day I want to remind him that I have always loved him. From the moment I knew he existed (albeit, as a girl LOL), to the moment I held him in my arms and forever and always no matter what!


**The picture was taken on his 18th Birthday when he proved to be more courageous than jumping out of a plane!

Reconnection with my past & my future
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