You started this journey of movement + (or) group leadership because your soul was called to it. And I'm here for it!

But like any journey, it comes with twists and turns, ups and downs, successes and struggles. And guess what? You are not alone. In fact, I am right alongside you. I do the unconventional, and sometimes messy, work of evolution and reclamation, which is to say I guide other movement coaches + yoga teachers + space holders like you to reclaim your fire—to help you evolve and expand in all areas of your life.

A Mentorship with me includes every aspect of what it means to be a movement guide in this world today. I will teach you everything I know so that you can be self-reliant and completely empowered on your journey. It's about clarity. It's about soul. It's about YOU!

So, let's get to it, shall we?

1:1 COACHING for Movement + Business + Life

It all starts with a video chat. YOU and me. Talking all about YOU, what brought you to the world of movement and ergo automatically made you an soulpreneur, your successes and your struggles,…that soulful why. Oh, and we are gonna get into the heavy stuff…like what might be holding you back, what fears are trying to be in the driver’s seat and all that uncomfortable stuff. Together, we will create actionable steps for you, and your movement/group facilitator business, to bring you back into a soul-centred life. And I know how scary it can feel reaching out to someone for the first time, which is why I want to bring some ease into our experience together.

To book our first call, I ask for an investment of £33. No commitment for anything beyond. No strings attached.

What you will get:

  • 60minutes dedicated to you in all things: Movement, Business, Strategy, Life, No topic is off limit
  • Recording of our chat
  • Follow Up email with any 'soul-work' (not homework) including tips, tools and useful links.


First of all, it's YOUR mission. And magnifying it can mean two things.

  • Magnifying all the little details that cause confusion, overwhelm or pull you away from the clarity that lives in your soul. A word of caution, this can often feel very uncomfortable but I promise to guide you all the way through. And to be clear, this is not about nit-picking the details to death but more about untangling + decluttering to help you bring a sense of ease into all the things that surround your mission.
  • What follows will be a magnification of your business, and hopefully your life. Expansion. Evolution. Growth. Flex your range and reach, discover new exciting possibilities along the way. The process is about reclaiming. Empowering. And because I'm all about the wild world of adventure, let's make sure we throw some of that into the mission mix, yeah?
What does that all mean?

Well, sometimes one session is all you need. Sometimes, it's the catalyst for more.

Remember that I'm not just a consultant and a coach. I am a soulpreneur at heart with over a decade of movement experience behind me, not to mention my 20+ years in the corporate world. Through a vast set of certifications in fitness, management, coaching, entrepreneurial development and corporate projects; I empower you to tap into what lights you up and equip you with the tools to guide you on your journey of remembering, rediscovering and reclaiming.

Continuing our journey together should put soul back into strategising, and always leave space for magic - for both of us. And that means you have choices - not one cookie-cutter way to keep working with me:


Simply put, this session is where we hone in, trouble-shoot, solution-shoot, and have some accountability to guide you towards the future. Let's put the soul back into strategising!


You're ready for more, call them steps or stages or phases, but like the elements, we can count them on one hand! Bring the ritual into routine and build on that accountability vibe.

10 Sessions for £555

This isn't a sprint, our journey together is going to be unconventional but so rewarding as we magnify your mission and get ya thriving. For the soul that is ready to go for the deep dive!


My methods combine all the practical + logistical aspects for business—like creating a website, running effective social media accounts, analytics and strategies; with the magical + creative facets for life—like bringing more ritual into routine, finding the sacred in the solution and tuning into your transformation.

At heart, I am an Alchemist--someone who believes that the ordinary can be transformed into something extraordinary, the mundane can become magic again and that everyone, and that includes YOU, deserves to thrive not merely survive.

My entire life has been a story of trying to fit in a neat & tidy box while constantly dancing on the edge of my comfort zone and for the past decade (or so) exploring my limits beyond what I thought I was capable of. So, when I work with clients, my intention is always to gently (+ bluntly if needed) guide them beyond their own limits - and since every interaction is an opportunity to create a meaningful, magical experience, together we can find that place of alignment + transformation that is right for you.

Mentorship Testimonials

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Renee M.

Melanie has gone above and beyond my expectations for this project. She is not only extremely skilled in her work but you can see how much passion she has for helping people with their visions. I couldn’t have finished this project without her guidance and encouragement!

Michelle W.

Melanie makes time, patience and a huge effort when working with her clients. Everything is personalized specifically for me and my needs. I will recommend Melanie’s mentorship to anyone looking for direction in their business.

Samantha S.

The fact that you have come forward with your talents during a time of such uncertainty, is so amazing! The anxieties of daily ‘new normal’ has lessened because of the time spent with Melanie and the tools she has given me to work with not only in my business but also my daily life.


Coming soon!