"Movement is the song of the body." - Vanda Scaravelli

For the past decade, I've devoted myself to learning about movement from a place of healing, self-love and the symbiotic relationship our movement has with our mental health. I have taken countless classes, workshops, courses, and certifications to learn more about Movement. At first, it was for my own benefit, but very quickly I realized I wanted to share with others, like you, who are seeking... something more.

I have led movement classes at the local YMCA, Yoga Studio, Gyms and international locales; and my insatiable desire for learning has led to multiple certifications in a variety of modalities. Every offering is uniquely crafted around your vision and needs for your business. So, whether you are looking for another instructor to add to your roster or a speciality workshop facilitator. Leading classes in-person, or guiding online movement or wellness sessions with your team. I got you!


  • integrating more fun and functional movement into my life
  • Desire to improve on the quality of movement and how I feel
  • Dealing with stress, anxiety or depression and shifting that energy within my body
  • Developing a balanced and functionally strong body no matter my age, condition or ability
  • Longing to fall in love with myself, my body and how I show up in this world
  • Seeking to transform my relationship with my body
  • Moving my body from a place of joy to support my mental health


MOVEMENT helped me come home to myself.  MOVEMENT helped me heal from the inside out.  MOVEMENT helped me fall in love with myself, again and again.  It still has that magical power for me.


2022 Movement

Now that my wanderings have settled into the beautiful historic city of Edinburgh, I am returning to my mat!

Starting with two online Movement classes a week commencing in March 2022, and as always...on a pay-what-you-wish basis.

These online sessions are sacred to me - connection, music, laughter, playing and failing. It's magic.

If you think you might want to join...