My Story with Movement

For the past decade I've devoted myself to learning about movement from a place of healing, self-love and the symbiotic relationship our movement has with our mental health. I have taken countless classes, workshops, courses, and certifications to learn more about Movement. At first it was for my own benefit, but very quickly I realized I wanted to share with others, like you, who are seeking... something more. Speaking of more...



  • want help integrating more fun and functional movement into your life?
  • desire to improve on the quality of movement and how you feel?
  • deal with stress, anxiety or depression and want to shift that energy within your body?
  • want to develop a balanced and functionally strong body no matter your age, condition or ability?
  • long to fall in love with yourself, your body and how you show up in this world?
  • seeking to transform your relationship with your body and evolve your movement practice?
  • ready to move your body from a place of joy to support your mental health?

Now, from the comfort of your own home, you can experience a personalized movement practice. Questions? Send me an email:



  • a Small businesses who wants to create a unique support system for your team and offer movement and fun team building
  • a Studio/Gym already offering movement practices but ready to bring a more diverse offerings to your clients
  • a Corporation who is ready to offer wellness and stress management services to your employees to increase productivity and loyalty?

I have led movement classes at the local YMCA, Yoga Studio, Gyms and international locales; and my insatiable desire for learning has led to multiple certifications in a variety of modalities. Every offering is uniquely crafted around your vision and needs for your business. So, whether you are looking for another instructor to add to your roster or a speciality workshop facilitator. Leading classes in-person, or guiding online movement or wellness sessions with your team. I got you!

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