Movement saved my life, and brought me back home to myself.

It began on the yoga mat in 2010, first as a student, but it became so much more. Countless classes, workshops, courses, and certifications in a variety of modalities later, I’ve learned about movement and the process of integrating and alchemising the symbiotic relationship our movement has with our mental health.

Since 2011, I’ve led and guided movement classes, workshops, corporate events and presented on stages — both locally and internationally — with the mission to share movement as medicine. Why? Because, let’s face it, healing isn’t linear and neither is movement. Time and time again, life has shown me that movement shifts stagnant energy and is the catalyst for so much more.

In 2016, my own movement journey led me open my own studio - incorporating yoga, pilates and functional fitness. Ignite Evolution Fitness was a place of sanctuary + strength. It's where I flexed my entrepreneurial muscles, and discovered that body awareness is the real flex. It's where I learned that the hustle is hollow, and your soul knows the way the way home. If you know how to listen...and it starts in your body.

So, when 2019 brought a closing of many chapters of my life (and oh, there were so many), it allowed me to pause. To listen. To start the next chapter on my own terms, which in my case led to returning to the country where I was born.

And through it all, movement has stayed with me in one shape or another (and yes, that includes my body shape).


  • Integrating more fun and functional movement into my life
  • Desire to improve on the quality of movement and how I feel
  • Dealing with stress, anxiety or depression and shifting that energy within my body
  • Developing a balanced and functionally strong body no matter my age, condition or ability
  • Longing to fall in love with myself, my body and how I show up in this world
  • Seeking to transform my relationship with my body
  • Moving my body from a place of joy to support my mental health


  • Small businesses who want to create a unique support system for their team & offer movement & fun team building
  • Studios/Gyms offering any type of movement practices who want to bring more diverse offerings to their clients


Would you like to join me from the comfort of your own home?

Offering weekly online classes (and sometimes workshops + pop-ups) where I guide you through movement + mindfulness with a bit of a twist. With a penchant for the unconventional, these 45min sessions include music, body positivity + awareness, a variety of movement methodologies.

A safe, and inclusive, space for you to reconnect with the most important person in your life. YOU. A place tune the outside world out, and tune into your own inner landscape of mind+body (and a little bit of soul).

P.S. These online sessions are sacred to me, and in a world that is struggling - I offer them on a pay-what-you-wish basis.


If you prefer to move at your own time, you can find some free full-length movement sessions up on my Youtube channel. Find me @melaniefrome