My Big Beautiful Book Plan

I never thought I would write a book.

In May 2013, the story began...or should I say the dreams. I have no explanation or hypothesis on why, how or what took place in that one month. Every night I would fall asleep, and dream....

Of being a woman in 1666 London England. And whose life was changing at a rapid rate, all because her father was forcing a marriage contract on her she did not want.

Meeting a man that ignited something within her she didn't know existed.

Finding herself in the middle of hunt, she being the prey.

Learning more about her mother who died at child birth.

Discovering a power within herself

For a month straight, I dreamt of Moireach. I would wake up every morning remembering every little detail. From how the cloth felt on my skin, the smell of the food & the horses. And every night I would fall back asleep again, only to have the dream start exactly where it left off the morning prior. After a month, I was exhausted. Living my own life during the day only to live another full & rather incredibly different life during my dreams.

My life has seen so much evolution in the last 3 years, and I am determined to finish her story and share it with the world.

I've recently found a fantastic source of inspiration through Danielle Laporte, and decided to invest in myself to help propel this project forward. The audio has been nothing short of brilliant. I feel motivated & excited again, but more importantly I feel like it's helping me take a chaotic time of my life and able to bring it some structure.

For anyone looking for more support, guidance or inspiration, this is awesome!

Your Big Beautiful Book Plan!

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