Pondering Self-Love

Wanna Know A Secret?

The most life-changing & important relationship that you will ever have, is the one you have with YOUR SELF. The most nausea inducing, tear producing, scream provoking, rollercoaster riding, and head spinning relationship you will ever have, is the one you will have with YOUR SELF.

Yeah, so with that said, here is a question...how can you show up for yourself with a devotion to your own evolution?

Here are a few tips...for this thing called life, or something like it:

1) Write the next word of your life, don't worry about the next chapter. Start with the very next word

2) It's ok to browse through the pages of your past, but don't hang out there

3) If you don't like the colour of ink you're writing with...switch it out.

4) Stop wandering around expecting to be rescued, be your own hero. Hold the pen like you own it. Because darlin', you do

5) When the world, society & whoever else start throwing their books at you, or telling you what words to write, or ask for their unsolicited opinions of your past chapters....greet them with the world-renowned expression for F*CK YOU!

Self Love + Time

Time is not a renewable resource, and yet time and time again, I have found myself questioning my worth based the curves, bumps, and scars of my body, the 'meat-suit' that holds space my soul. And yet, it has been with the time I've spent in this lifetime, that I've come to learn a thing or two, that I believe to be true.

First...when you rise from the battles you face, because darlin' you have risen, time and time again, it will transform you into warrior. Every battle, whether it is in pursuit of your dreams, passions, desires, hopes or yes, even that goals, will affect how you view yourself. So, whether your demons are called insecurity, doubt, fear, worry, anxiety or the ugly one - comparison, you will come to a point that you have to stand in front of the mirror and make a choice.

The role of being the author, creator, writer, and ...the hero of your own life. But first, you have to accept the job position.

With that acceptance comes the pressures of those demons who will ask you to look down at your shadow. Until you have that moment...where you tell yourself to look up...and that's a game changer.

Please look up. The world needs you to stand up. To keep rising.

Don't worry, I'll stand next to you...doing the same. Or the very least...trying.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk!

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