Reconnection with my past & my future

Almost a week ago I didn’t the most ridiculously amazing time with this guy! That would be my 22 year old son who I don’t see nearly enough since he moved out and my schedule has been crazier than ever. Reconnection with my past and our future…

Only the day prior to the Fergus Scottish Festival had we decided & arranged our schedules to allow us to attend it again for the first time in over 10 years! I was born in Scotland and he has been able to visit it a few times, and we both share an affinity and a love for the place of our ancestors.

We drove an hour to Fergus, Ontario in a rainstorm that saw us slowing down to a crawl because we could not see through the sheet of rain coming down. Arrived to flooded festival ground, swamp like conditions and many people leaving.

When I turned to him, expecting a typical apathetic response from members of his generation, he provided to be a true Scot at heart.

Instead of turning around, he stubbornly insisted we stay & make the most of it! Found great little treasure for studio, talked the entire time about life, music, philosophy, history and most of all…ALL things Scottish!

My son inspired me so much that day! I’m glad we paused to capture a moment…both of us soaked through but happy! Sometimes I get so busy I forget I’m a mom…and then he reminds that we are more…we are Friends!

Dear Future, I can't wait to collide?
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