Revelation & Revolution…Yoga Bliss!

I have spent the last two months immersing myself in being a studio owner. Towards the end of September, I found myself feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and frustrated. And I'm supposed to be the cool, chill-axed and hippy yogi!!!

Our studio had been open almost 2 months, I was teaching every day and managing every area of the business.

Then we invited the community to participate in our Global Mala for Peace! On Saturday September 24 to wanted to raise funds for Victims Services of Peel, as our contribution towards the UN International Day of Peace. The Global Mala originates from my teacher, Shiva Rea and I honour her and her vision for a peaceful world!

That experience was exactly what my heart needed to open up the flow of prana, sahaja and santosha!

The day after my body & my soul experienced a liberation unlike I had experienced on my own before! The closest I had come before was during my time in Greece (summer 2015). Amongst the amazing Prana Flow tribe atop a roof on the island of Santorini!

Moving my body to the sounds of sexy rhythms...leading into "Pony" by Ginuwine from an amazing playlist by DJ Taz Rashid brought out my inner wild woman! Resulting in some small video clips to capture those moments of playtime.

Sometimes even yogis need reminders! To just enjoy some simple fun. And to move our bodies to the ancient rhythms that can be felt deep in our bones, if we only take the time to listen!!!

I love the creativity, juiciness & beautiful teaching sequences that Shiva Rea shares with the world through her Prana Flow Teacher program. Many of the classes I offer come from the heart of this incredible light.

Honor & respect the lineages of teachings you receive, and they will honour you!


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