Rise & Transform with the Fire


  1. Grab yourself some matches + a candle (the big, chunky kind, eco-friendly, locally sourced for those good vibes, yeah?)
  2. Light the first candle. Pause. Slow down your breath, gently gazing into the flame (just don't lean into it, trust me on that one 😉)
  3. Reflect on the recent months (maybe years), finding the moments, the words, the experiences or feelings that are just not making you feel good. Anything that brought fear, anxiety, worry, shame, doubt or sucked away at your self-worth...
  4. Breathe. Sit with the sh*t that came up. Breathe. Look at the flame of the candle.
  5. Imagine now, feeding all those feelings into the Fire. Let it burn. Let the Fire transform the negative into fuel for your reclamation journey.
  6. Keep the candle lit. Throw on some music, let your body reclaim movement with sensuous vibes that liberate. No rules. Got it?
Spring Equinox Reflections
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