Saying Farewell To 2020

Musings…It seems that I am always musing


When does going with the flow no longer work? At what point do I need to hoist the sails and steer, or drop the oar and paddle?

I’ve spent 2020 exploring possibilities that I never had time for until this year. It’s been an incredible, and rather bizarre year. 2021 won’t magically make everything disappear, but it can help you (and me) turn the page on the last chapter of 2020.

To write the first words on the blank page of 2021, means taking responsibility for what is not working, acknowledging what is and finding that sweet spot between control and surrender.

To write down the title of the next chapter, means you are drawing back the arrow and taking aim. You cannot shoot the arrow without first pulling back. That’s where the learning, strength and resilience lives….to help you release what is not serving you anymore, and aim forwards.

My arrow has been strengthened by the most amazing family I could ever have asked for…hoped for..I can’t even explain. Their love, support and encouragement has been priceless and without which I would not be there.

May all of your hopes and dreams find their way into your reality.
May all of your wants be met, and your needs nourished.
May all of your laughter continue to keep you company.
May all of your tears water the seeds for healing.
May all of your loved ones be loved in kind.

Thank you to every person, place and experience of 2020.

Wishing you all a happy new years! ????

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