Start Living More, Fearing Less

After reeling from the sudden loss of my birth father, I made a promise to myself. To start living more, fearing less.

This past weekend I went on my first solo road trip across the border. I gave myself permission to grieve for my birth father. And I met a fellow yogi & studio owner, who I had been connected with via social media only. Then, I decided to order something off the menu I would normally never contemplate. I looked for the weirdest thing was Grilled Oysters.

Often our minds arrive at a destination before our actual experience.  So if our life is what our thoughts make it, could we not therefore change how we live our life? How do we define living?

Reflecting on where in my life I have been "waiting". For the right time, the right place, the right person. When has fear made the choices for me, and held me back from evolution, growth and ultimately joy.

I've been known to take risks in the past, usually on ill-fated relationships. One would think I would be more gun-shy by now, but I keep optimism close to my heart. Even on days that I am tired, and it seems that those things that I desire are further from my grasp than ever.

I keep making promises to myself to finish the final edit of my nove, so that I can send it to publishers & agentsl. But life gets in the way every damn time. Am I letting fear or ego trick me into thinking I am too busy? Or am I legit busy and simply am not prioritizing this goal of mine to publish my novel?

Where do you second guess choices? Where are you stuck for 'not enough time'?

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