Summer Solstice…and Scotland!

My Soul is calling me to the land of my embrace the Alchemy of my life!

My intention for Summer Solstice was to host an online event to celebrate Lady of Fire, but in the last few has happened instead, which means I am choosing to spend this day in deep reflection, prayer & introspection for the journey ahead.

On July 3rd, I will be boarding a plane to Scotland, and's a one-way ticket!

Somehow, I've always known that one day I would move my whole life to the country where my own life began....I just didn't realize until recently that the last several years, life has been preparing me for this huge leap of faith. Through each 'down-sizing' experience, something that society wanted me to feel as loss or failure, was in fact, clearing away the clutter & the BS to create space for what is about to happen next.

There is so much happening in this world, and I'm still listening. Perhaps I will have more words to share on COVID, BLM & F.E.A.R....but not yet. For now, I am learning.

Stunning Image of Eilean Donan Castle captured by AJW Photography

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