The Universe Cleared My Plate

The Universe Cleared my Plate

Sharing the first half of my journey with Hannah from Rorschach Your Reality Podcast. She interviewed me back in August 2019, before the rest of the year unravelled for me. When this was released January 4, 2020 it felt a little surreal because of what the rest of 2019 brought into my life.

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"Melanie is a multitude of things! Her passions include movement, writing, speaking, and mentoring others on their journeys.

This multi-passionate career wasn’t her starting point, however. Melanie spent over 15 years climbing the corporate ladder. A few months after high school she entered the workforce as a young single mother. As part of a career program, she got an office job and was off and running. Along the way she attended night school to get her college degree.

Long hours at work, staying up late to study for her college courses, and being the best parent she could be were draining. At some point, Melanie believes she lost sight of not only who she was, but also who it was possible for her to be. There wasn’t a lot space for conversations or thoughts about what she “wanted”. Instead, each day was jam packed and left little room for contemplation.

Melanie believes that now, at age 41, she’s finally had the chance to pause and consider what she wants to be when she “grows up”. In a way, this was thrust upon her - she was working 40 hours a week at a corporate job, while also running a yoga studio on the side. She was struggling to make it all financially feasible, and then within a few months, she closed the yoga studio, which is also where she had been living, and unexpectedly lost her job.

She feels the universe cleared EVERYTHING off her plate and effectively helped her hit reset. With a clean slate, Melanie took a good long look around and started making changes.

This catapulted her into an international move and the space to finally complete her book, which was sitting with a publisher at the time of this recording and is now available on Amazon!

Even though these changes were difficult, Melanie has nothing but gratitude for the changes she experienced during this time. She was good at her job, but she’s glad she left. She feels that, like many humans, she was stuck in her routines and habits. The gift of actually contemplating (and then acting on) your desires is amazing! Melanie knows that if she hadn’t been let go by her job, it would have taken her much longer to ever leave.

What part of you feels “stuck” in a certain position or way of being? How can you start moving towards freedom today?

Who you are as so many layers, and Melanie hopes to help others discover (or rediscover) who they really are. Listen to the full episode today!

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