What is Sahaja?


Our hearts need to break open
From time to time…
To walk through the fire & back
At least once…
To say you have truly lived!

Sahaja is the light that fills our hearts
Until it overflows…
To become Light-bearers to those around us
What it truly means to be alive!

Our minds need to understand the practical
Yet everything changes…
When we open our hearts to the creative & mystical
The power of alchemy…
Moving the way joy moves, courageous & delicious!

Our hearts need to feel the pulse of soulful evolution
From moment to moment…
To walk through the sanctuary of revolution
At least once…
To experience the ebb & flow of life!

Sahaja is that moment when you dance
Along the edge of fear….
To move through your heart
Dancing with the changing light!

© Melanie Frome 2017

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