You were called to be a guide, an instructor, a facilitator, a coach - in short, a human sharing your knowledge with others to help them on their path. Serving humanity is your mission - through movement, circles, groups + individuals (or any other combo) . And yet, with this calling comes the very human experience which is often overwhelming and confusing, and in this chaotic world it can feel like you are alone. I'm here to remind you that you are never alone.

From human interaction to business solutions, feedback to support, accountability to expertise, I got you. Our sessions (60min) will be like having coffee (or matcha latte, my preferred beverage) with that friend who lovingly, but bluntly, calls you out on your bullsh*t. I won't let you settle for anything less than your beautiful soul deserves while levelling up without the hustle vibes.


The road to simplifying can often be complicated, especially when you are in the thick of things and can't see above the chaos because you are so busy doing. Wanting to create space for more life and a little less hustle, is not selfish. Transitioning from cluttered to organized, eliminating excess steps from work-flows and implementing cost efficiencies are all part of the deal. Having someone help you look at the big picture and get under the proverbial carpet to shift you from operation to optimised, is where I come in. I thrive on bringing calm to chaos and guiding my clients towards a more thriving.


Are you...

  • a Businesses (small - medium size) who wants to create a unique support system for your team and offer movement and fun team building experiences?
  • a Studio/Gym already offering movement practices but ready to bring a more diverse offerings to your clients?
  • a Corporation who is ready to offer wellness and stress management services to your employees to increase productivity and loyalty?

So, if you feel that your collective would benefit from the knowledge of an international movement coach and experienced presenter on a wide variety of topics - all wellness + movement + mindfulness related, I got you. The free discovery call (up to 30min) will give us an opportunity to explore the range of  possibitlies - classes, workshops, programs, courses and more. Together.