New Moon Musings Under The Fire Of Aries

So, what’s new?

(dumb pun, I know, ‘cuz duh, it’s a new moon)

Can I just tell you that this shift into Aries season has lit a damn fire under my ass?!

Ok, so for those that watched last week’s adventure stores on my socials, I am not referring to the stinging nettle burn I got on my actual ass ??‍♀️?…I am actually talking about the creative fire that is lighting up my whole life right now.

So, I have consciously thrust myself into no fewer than 5 simultaneous creative projects—

  • Lady of Water...the long awaited story of Dylynn, takes us across the ancient Silk Road, from the steppes of Mongolia all the way across the north into the lands and times of the Vikings. She was born a warrior, and has lived a life in direct contrast to that of Moireach, Lady of Fire.
  • Everlasting…the story of Sady, a teenager who has moved to a new city every year of her life, and never had a chance to call any place home. Now that she is in her final year of high school, and her 18th birthday is just around the corner, life is getting weird. She lives in a world where super natural creatures exist in the shadows… as if being a teenager wasn’t complicated enough…
  • Musings for H.E.R. – for years, I’ve written short prose, poems, pondering and musings…most times they have stayed tucked way in the pages of a journal, on scraps of paper napkins, or sticky note…Now is the time for Healing, Empowerment and Reclamation (H.E.R.) and very soon they shall be gathered in the pages of a single book.
  • Fairytales Unleashed – for those who have read Little Red Riding Hood, you can see where I am going with this series of illustrated short stories.
  • Musings by Melanie – for all the times I’ve been asked when I’m writing the story of my life (usually after sharing a rather unusual moment), or when I will start telling my story… something is coming, whether it’s a podcast or a book, or some other shape….I do not know yet…

Now before you start ‘congratulating’ me and thinking I’ve got all this life sh*t figured out, hear me out. Please.

The truth is, I’m always a little bit depressed, or maybe just sad. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which…
The truth is, I’m always a little bit lonely. The truth is, I’m not sure where I will be come June 1st and I’ve got to admit I’ve grown very fond of this wee airbnb cottage by the ocean.

The truth is…I’m yearning for so much, and there is much that I wish would yearn for me.

So I’m hoping that all of these magical things I’ve begun are not just masking some coping mechanism, but I truly hope they are the catalyst for a magical pivot of …some kind.

But with each passing day, I’m learning to trust…just a little more.

And every time the moon darkens into the sky, into the void newness of her phase, I feel them. The secret desires of my heart, the hopes of my dreams and the wishes of my soul.

But with each passing day, I’m learning to let go….just a little more.

And with time, I am learning, again and again, not to push, or fight, or wish, for things that aren’t meant for me. Sometimes, at night, I catch myself feeling the ache of the loss of those things…

You know what? It’s ok to feel that ache sometimes. It’s ok to feel the sadness sometimes.

They help you feel the moments of magic just a little deeper, and more wildly than if you didn’t feel anything at all.

So, that’s what’s “new” with me.

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